Detectives in the Woods, number three of a short series. (Thanks for the helpful suggestion thepudupudu.)


John Lennon / 1971

Last night dinner with my college friends.


Sagaki Keita.

Japanese artist Sagaki Keita creates his work by drawing thousands of child like cartoon characters - making each up as he goes - to create an overall familiar landscape or object.  The pieces can become hypnotizing while you look at them, trying to note every doodle that makes up the whole.  See more below:

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What Japanese students do in their free time.

now these all make sense

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lesbians: breaking the law



Orbital Mechanics by Tatiana Plakhova 

This is breathtaking.

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Following on from the graphic looking at the colours of transition metal ions in solution, here’s one looking at what happens when you add sodium hydroxide solution or ammonia solution to a selection of those ions, a method which can be used to determine the identity of an unknown metal.

Read more about the chemistry behind these precipitate reactions here.